GasGen Canada Ltd. introduces the ARC engine.

This Advanced Radial Configuration engine is breakthrough engine technology which will revolutionize distributed power, or any prime mover application, replacing traditional Diesel/NatGas in-line engine configurations with a compact, low cost, and clean efficient alternative.

The power plant delivers high-load capacity, extended maintenance intervals and long service life while retaining all the advantages inherent in its radial design: light weight, high horsepower, low internal friction and excellent operating efficiency at stoich on gaseous fuels.

The fuel-flexible ARC engine operates on natural gas (CNG/LNG), LPG (Propane/Butane), Bio-Methane (Landfills/Digesters), Flare gas (Oil Drilling/Processing) and Ethanol.


Inspired by one of the most reliable engine platforms ever developed, the ARC engine has been re-engineered and modernized for the 21st century.

This completely new power plant was built with state-of-the-art engineering methods, computer aided analysis, and precision machining and assembly techniques for robust industrial performance and reliability.

It utilizes advanced combustion technology with microprocessor-based diagnostic, monitoring and control systems for heavy duty, mission critical applications.

Air cooled and turbocharged, with significantly fewer parts and bearings, the unique combination of features enables the ARC engine to reliably deliver unprecedented mobility, durability, fuel efficiency and emissions compliance to distributed power markets worldwide.

With a goal to provide strong environmental stewardship, the ARC engine will meet the toughest of emissions standards including CARB 2013 and EPA 2010 requirements for large spark ignition engines (LSI).


The ARC engine being compact, lower cost, and a clean efficient alternative to other Diesel/Natgas engines, is a perfect prime mover for power generation. The first of many products configurations, GasGen Canada Ltd. introduces the Genesis1000, the world’s smallest and lightest 1MW power generation system built for the demands of distributed power. With standard, sound attenuated, arctic grade and mobile enclosures, and advanced monitoring and controls, including parallel operations, the robust design of the Genesis1000 will reliably deliver power for less cost than traditional in-line generators. The Genesis1000 delivers;

  • Reduced weight, size, and cost (1MW: fully enclosed at 16,200Lbs in less than 18’)
  • Reduced maintenance and overhaul costs with ease of access and modular design
  • Reduced emissions with no exhaust after treatment meeting all current and scheduled emission requirements include those of the EPA, EU, and CARB
  • Significantly lower cost per BTU & lower emissions vs diesel
  • Fuel Agility; Natural Gas (CNG/LNG/Pipeline/Flare), BioGas/Landfill/Flare, LPG (Propane/Butane), Ethanol
  • 1/2 the footprint: < 150 square feet vs 320 sq feet for CAT and  Cummins and 240 sq ft for Capstone

ARC engine based gensets offers advantages in simplicity, size, and savings. Download the Genesis1000 spec and maintenance interval sheets for more information and see a revolution in distributed power.

Our Company

GasGen Canada Ltd. is the exclusive Canadian distributor of non-diesel gensets from Clear Energy Systems, an Arizona based manufacturer. The company's first product, the Genesis 1000™, is a highly mobile 1MW genset that runs on a variety of spark-ignited fuels such as natural gas, propane, LP gas, and ethanol.

GasGen is focused on providing, through a network of sub-distributors, spark-ignited reciprocating engine gensets and prime movers for the Canadian distributed power market.

The company’s principals have almost 60 years of combined experience in corporate finance and on-site power and utility applications. GasGen will market, commercialize, distribute and service CES power generation products throughout Canada.

Our Partners

With the idea of distributed repair and service agents strategically located in the markets they support, GasGen Canada Ltd. partners with extremely professional and reliable equipment service organizations to offer the most reliable customer service for product sales, repair and maintenance. Please contact GasGen Canada Ltd. for the sales/maintenance agent nearest you.

Our Team

Greg ReiD, President and CEO

Greg has 18 years of finance experience, and was a founding partner at Wellington West Capital Markets (WWCM) a company that was sold to National Bank Financial in 2011. Greg was most recently Managing Director, Technology and Clean Technology Investment Banking at WWCM. Greg is a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. Greg founded GasGen in 2011 and lives in Toronto with his wife and two young daughters.

Jeff Reymer, Partner

With 12 years of capital markets experience, Jeff is currently Managing Director, Energy Investment Banking at National Bank Financial. Prior to National Bank, Jeff was Managing Director, Head of Energy Investment Banking at WWCM. Jeff has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Queens University and prior to entering the Investment Banking industry, was a consulting engineer in automotive and municipal engineering. Jeff lives in Toronto with his wife and four children.

JOHN BIRNIE,VP Business Development

John has 25 years of experience in the power generation and energy conservation sectors. He was recently Director of Technical Services at Legend Power Systems Inc., a publicly traded company on the TSX. At Legend, John provided technical sales and engineering support for the build and install of energy conservation devices to large commercial and small industrial customers. John has a mechanical engineering background and was an owner of EBI Manufacturing, a family business that packaged gensets and other power generation products. Prior to EBI, John was a systems engineer at Hatch Associates with a focus on the mining industry in North America and International. At GasGen, John is involved in a wide range of business activities acting as technical expert and sales support, business development and distributor relationship management. John lives in Oakville with his fiancé and a blended family of five children.

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